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In 2007, Jim Rohde left Corporate America with the intent of helping companies help themselves. A former CPA and entrepreneur with passion for process improvement, business intelligence and data analytics, Jim founded Inphinity Solutions, Inc. After years working with C-Level Executives and Managers on business intelligence in various industries, Jim recognized the need for significant improvement in the way community banks and credit unions gather and analyze data.

In December 2014, the company was re-branded JOHO, the Japanese word for information. Focus was placed on delivering value added products and services to financial institutions looking for ways to grow and compete more effectively through data and analytics. The first JOHO complete data Enterprise system was launched in 2017. Today, JOHO is recognized as the fastest data solution system available to community banks and credit unions, with easy-to-use dashboards, daily and on-demand reports, and affordable pricing.

JOHO Core Values

Think Outside the Box

What We Mean:

Encourage New Ideas

Imagine the Impossible

Explore the Unknown

In Action:
We believe critical thinking empowers us to analyze complex situations and make informed and intelligent decisions regarding your business needs and requirements.

Create Excellent Solutions

What We Mean:

Understand Customer’s Needs

Build and Communicate Innovation

Work Passionately with a Positive Attitude

In Action:
We believe ongoing communication with our customers creates mutual trust and allows us to work passionately to understand your strategic goals and build high-value solutions.

Deliver BusinessValue

What We Mean:

Solve Problems

Improve Results

Exceed Expectations

In Action:
We believe efficient and cost-effective solutions deliver growth and profitability to our customers and contributes to our own success as well.

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